Health Vector News

Dec 24, 2019

From 9 to Never

How a Boston Startup Rethinks the Role Patients Play in their Healthcare

Dec 19, 2018

What’s you Health IQ Score?

Disruptive health and wellness company releases a health app that lets users track their happiness, headaches and get smarter while at it.

Aug 5, 2018

App Launch Set for NOv 2018

Health Vector announces the launch of the first product in November 2018. The health information app runs on iOS and Android. It promotes patient activation by helping people take charge of their daily health, have better structured conversations with medical providers, remember what was discussed during a medical visit, and organize health related information in one place. The Health Vector app aims to strengthen patient-doctor relationship, improve communication between providers and patients, reduce medical costs and improve diagnostic accuracy. 

May 1, 2018

Health Vector Announces Appointment Of Chairman Of The Board

Health Vector LLC is pleased to announce that Mr. Werner Geissler, a current advisor and investor in Health Vector, has been appointed Chairman of the Board. Mr. Geissler has extensive global operational and industry experience in the consumer sector, spanning over three decades at Procter & Gamble (“P&G”). From 2007 until his retirement in 2015, he was Vice Chairman of Global Operations for the company where he was responsible for all country and manufacturing operations globally. Prior to this, he was Group President of Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa, managing all businesses in the region. Mr. Geissler is member of the Board of Directors of The Goodyear Tire Company, Philip Morris International, and IMD. He is an Operating Partner at Advent International, a leading PE Firm, and an active investor in several start-ups including Health Vector.