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Be informed about your health.

Be prepared for your next medical appointment.

Co-write your diagnosis narrative.

Understand your treatment plan.

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There’s nothing more important than your health. Today, doctor’s appointments are shorter than ever. You have limited time to speak and it’s easy to forget things. And, without all of your information it’s difficult for your doctor to make an accurate diagnosis.

Health Vector’s easy-to-use app takes the guesswork out of doctor’s visits and allows you take control of your health — and your health history. By compiling all of your data in one place and letting you regularly add-in additional data in the moment, it gives you and your doctor the most up-to-date information available to help optimize your health.

Health IQ Score

Track your symptoms and well-being. Consolidate your medical history. Get new insights through analytics. Know your health.

Click&Speak Symptom

Easy to record symptoms on the fly with voice activated entry.

Calendar Integration

Never miss another medical appointment again. Integrate with the calendar on your phone.


Our Focus


Partner with your doctor
co-writE the diagnosis narrative

Take charge of your health.


Living Healthy is a journey
Be informed. be prepared.

Have fun.


PEOPLE centric health managemenT
It's all about you.

It's your life.


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